Advanced Mandarin


Advanced Mandarin

Linda Li:

Course Description:

Advanced Mandarin

Advanced World Language is a course designed for students who have the required proficiency to succeed at this level based on a successful completion of intermediate level requirements. The course continues to lead students to proficiency in all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Students engage in more complex listening and reading comprehension activities, along with oral presentations such as debates, storytelling, and interviews. There is also an expanded emphasis on developing writing skills with an effort to encourage more creative expressions in the language. Language and culture continue to be interwoven into the course. At this level, both the teacher and the students use the target language as the medium of communication.

Course Aims:

  1. To develop and encourage independent use of all four language skills
  2. To strengthen the understanding of the language structures which enable more creative use of the language
  3. To develop positive attitudes toward world language learning and toward other cultures


  • Travel
  • Leisure
  • Community
  • Media



  • Understand language of increased grammatical complexity with greater ability to comprehend unfamiliar vocabulary in both simulated and authentic contexts


  • Express and support opinions on familiar topics
  • Give short prepared presentations on a variety of topics
  • Be understood by a listener accustomed with foreign language learners


  • Read and comprehend selected authentic texts at an appropriate level of difficulty


  • Use more advanced structures, connectors and vocabulary
  • Write stories according to one’s imagination, or to complete a given story according to the development of the main theme, use certain amount of characters

 Assessment of Student Performance:

(see page 15-18 in the MS Handbook)

In the middle school, students are assessed using a Standards Based Grading system. The purpose of the grading system is to provide accurate information about a student’s level of understanding with respect to specific content standards.

 SBGR Goal:

Our goal is to move student thinking toward the quest for knowledge.

SBGR Assessment:

Students will be assessed with respect to their understanding of grade-level standards (Academic Achievement) and their habits as a learner inside and outside the classroom (Learning Habits). To support the development of a growth mindset, students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of formative and summative assessments. To help establish a clear vision of the intended learning, students will engage in on-going reflection as a means to identify learning strengths and areas for improvement. 


Comprehensible input based methodology will be used in class. The attempt will be to create theme- based units and to teach the language in meaningful context. Positive student participation is essential to the successful learning of a language.

Some of the techniques used will be:

  • Total physical response
  • Storytelling
  • Role plays and skits
  • Extensive teacher modeling
  • Reading
  • Integrated use of 1:1 iPads

 Texts and Materials:

  • Chinese readers
  • Chinese story books
  • Jinbu
  • Teacher complied materials

Extra Help:

Ms. Linda Li will be available BEFORE and AFTER school and for student help and/or parent meetings. Please schedule appointments using email.  All are welcome anytime!



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