World Language Week

What is World Language Week?

World Language Week is another opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the people from the countries where the language you study is spoken. It’s about taking the time to engage in detailed and in-depth study about the importance of connecting to people.

Through cooking and doing research about the countries where the language you learn is studied, we hope that students can make deep connections to the cultures of Spanish, French and Mandarin Speaking countries.

World Language week is composed of three main pieces:

  • An in-school research project during World Language classes

  • At at-home cooking experience that is used for a bake sale for charity

  • Fun lunchtime activities that showcase the diversity and beauty of various languages



  • You may work with a partner.
  • Make a language related dish to sell at the bake sale. (For example, a Spanish student can make a Mexican, Chilean, Spanish, or other dish where Spanish is spoken.)
  • Label any dish ware with your name.
  • Have fun!
  • All money will go to a charity in education.

*Finger foods work best for this activity!

**Please know that you will be selling your food for 10, 20, or 30 rupees per serving, so please do not spend too much money on preparing it.


Monday – Spanish

Tuesday – Mandarin

Wednesday – French

Thursday – EAL


This is one of the highlights of the week! On Thursday at 12:00, we will be throwing confetti-filled eggs at each other. It is a fun and safe celebration!

Directions are attached. Use 3-6 eggs. This is not a mandatory event, but you don’t want to miss it!

Prepare the eggs this weekend and bring them in so you can fill and decorate them in class!

Enjoy the process!​​