Hello and Welcome!

Nǐhǎo! (Hello!)

Welcome to Mandarin class! You will be acquiring Mandarin Chinese this year in some fun yet very effective ways. Our central goal is COMMUNICATION in Chinese language.  We will also explore some Chinese cultures and make cultural and linguistic comparisons with our own.  Connections with other subjects (science, social studies, etc.) will be made through the language throughout the year.  We will also explore opportunities to use Chinese language outside the classroom in a larger community.

How will we learn in this class?

We will use many fun and interesting strategies to acquire Chinese language. In the beginning I will often give you commands and you will respond by physically doing something.  It’s a lot like how you learned your native language when your parents told you what to do when you were very little:  “Come here.  Sit down. Eat your apple. Don’t touch that.” 

Research on how we learn has proven that we remember better and longer what we have actually experienced physically.  Gesturing and acting out commands will help you acquire the language more quickly. Another very powerful way to acquire language (also supported by research) is through stories or narrative.


We will create and even act out situations or stories in class to work with new vocabulary. Often the stories will be short, silly or strange. This serves two purposes:

1)    to maintain focus while communicating in the language

2)    to aid long-term memory.

We use props and movement to make it easy for you to understand at all times. I prefer to laugh a lot in class and I hope that you do as well because we tend to have a lot of fun in class.

What do I need for Mandarin class?

The most important thing you need this year is not something you will go out and purchase.  It’s participation in class – every day that class meets.  You need to be in class!!!  If you miss class, you miss HUGE amounts of input in the language and practice.

Assessment & Grading (see page 15-18 in the MS Handbook)

In the middle school, students are assessed using a Standards Based Grading system. The purpose of the grading system is to provide accurate information about a student’s level of understanding with respect to specific content standards.

 SBGR Goal:

Our goal is to move student thinking toward the quest for knowledge.

SBGR Assessment:

Students will be assessed with respect to their understanding of grade-level standards (Academic Achievement) and their habits as a learner inside and outside the classroom (Learning Habits). To support the development of a growth mindset, students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of formative and summative assessments. To help establish a clear vision of the intended learning, students will engage in on-going reflection as a means to identify learning strengths and areas for improvement.

My Philosophy

I believe that ALL students can acquire a second language.  I have a passion for World Languages and I will do all that I can to help you acquire Chinese.  By making a commitment: showing up to every class and participating, you will make significant progress this year and receive a grade that reflects that progress.  I know that this is going to be a fun and exciting year…full of laughs and success for all.

Huānyíng!  (Welcome!)

Lǐ lǎoshī